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17:57 23-06-2014
B.A.M.C National
Our deepest condolence to our brother Frank and family,with the loss of his father. Bokky21
17:16 23-06-2014
Frank , mijn deelneming met het overlijden van uw vader , sterkte voor u en de gehele familie .
14:21 21-06-2014
BA North East
our deepest condoleances for our brother Frank with the loss of his father,stay strong. BGF
19:53 06-05-2014
Spoedig herstel Kurt , see you soon .
00:07 01-05-2014
Brian 21
Many thanks to Pascal and family for the hospitality we received from them and all our Belgian brothers. Great party! Respect Brian21, Graham21 Glasgow. B.G.F.
12:42 28-04-2014
I wish our bro Kurt of the B.A.M.C. S/W chapter a quickly recovery. Bokky21
22:39 31-03-2014
Good to see some of my Belgian brothers in Glasgow over the weekend hope you all enjoyed the party all the best from Scotland B.G.F.
12:53 31-03-2014
Fast Josie
Good to see all My Brothers at the weekend What a night Im just in the door pure FUCKED lol Till the next time BGF
15:26 22-03-2014
Hope all is good in Belgium,see you next week brothers...BGF
16:44 06-03-2014
Proficiat Marc!!
19:12 04-03-2014
7 years ago...R.I.P. Scalle
20:33 02-03-2014
Congrats to Marc met zijn full color .
17:17 02-03-2014
Congratz to Marc for getting his colors. Welcome. B.G.F. Freggel21 Secretary Border
14:15 15-02-2014
duc s/w Belguim
congratz fevre, carlo, tinus, frank,en cowboy welcome to the blue world grtz chapter south-west Belguim
18:38 10-02-2014
Congrtaz to Frank, Carlo, Tinus, Cowboy and Fevre with you're new status. Welcome to the Blue World. BGF
Berichten: 76 t/m 90 van de 303.
Aantal pagina's: 21
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